IIM Calcutta Alumnus, an investment banker who trusts in big dogs. Loves road trips, football and sky diving.

IIMC Delhi Alumnus, dreams of making India more animal friendly. Loves horseback riding and hiking.

Fearless Side kick to Rex, believes HE is the Batman. Aspires to be a Canine chef. A school drop out at 2, when not experimenting with gadgets, he can be found riding Big dogs, Humans or Horses alike.

Alpha Male Labrador with telepathic mind manipulating skills. An avid sleeper, he loves travelling and marking new territories. 10 cities from Dehradun to Ooty covered so far. Loves chicken.

Modern gypsies, our Pack has been travelling across India for last 4 years. During which time, we realised the need for hotels to be more welcoming of Pets. We believe our Fur Buddies deserve and enjoy change of place/vacations as much as we do. So raise your Paw,

what your fur buddy & U would need in a pet-friendly hotel.

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